The Réseau’s Board of Directors Meeting in Timmins

March 16 2020

The members of the Réseau’s Board of Directors enjoyed their visit to Timmins this past March 4th and 5th. In addition to holding their board meeting, they took advantage of their stay in Timmins to meet with the members of the board as well as the team at the new Timmins Francophone Community Health Centre. Many thanks to Julie Béchard and her team for the warm welcome and their fine work.

Board members also had the opportunity to meet with board members and members of the Timmins and District Hospital French Language Services Committee. This meeting allowed those attending to discuss the strategies developed by the hospital to better meet the needs of Francophones. The Timmins and District Hospital is also distinguished by the fact that it has received its certificate of compliance for designation under the French Language Services Act. Congratulations to the entire team!

More than 30 people participated in the Réseau’s Meet and Greet. It was a great opportunity to thank our community partners and members of the community for their dedication to the Francophonie.

The visit ended with presentations by the Cochrane Planning and Community Engagement Officers on the role of the Board of Directors in the designation of new providers under the French Language Services Act and an overview of the realities and challenges of the region. It was a very full two days, which was appreciated by the Réseau’s Board of Directors.