This project aims to identify bilingual students in English language post-secondary health programs, then motivate and equip these students to provide health services in French during their internships and once they are practicing their professions.

Experience of Northern Ontario Francophones during COVID-19 Pandemic

In June 2020, the Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario held engagement sessions with Francophones in its planning area to learn more about their experiences during the pandemic. The information gathered allowed us to identify gaps and best practices and to make recommendations to ensure better health system planning and enhance access to health care services in French.

The Réseau obtained funding to adapt the launched in 2018 to the reality of other provinces and territories. Generic training adapted to the Canadian reality has been developed and will be rolled out shortly. The project is still evolving. Soon, a module adapted for long-term care will be launched. In the coming years, the intention is to develop modules adapted to other sectors such as mental health, primary care, etc.

Follow this link to learn more about the and to access promotional tools.

Improving the Francophone Experience in Healthcare

This project consists of adapting service delivery through the use of the Francophone patient experience to respond to gaps in French language health services. The tools created as part of this project will be used in, Réseau presentations and support to health service providers.

Access to French Language Services in Long-Term Care Homes

This project consists of implementating recommendations stemming from a study conducted by the Réseau. Actions include, among others, the identification of homes for the offer of French language services; homes requiring support for the offer of French language services and; development of strategies to implement culturally appropriate care.

The Réseau has gathered and developed best practices, tools and resources to implement culturally appropriate care under three main themes (active offer, cultural activities and partnerships). The following links take you to the Tools and Resources section of the Réseau’s website with predefined filters to highlight relevant resources based on the Long Term Care sector and chosen theme.

Tools and resources for Active offer

Tools and resources for Cultural activities

Tools and resources for building partnerships and engaging Francophones

Here are some of the resources developed as part of the project. A training module for the implementation of culturally appropriate long-term care for Francophones will also be launched soon.

Petite enfance en santé (Healthy Early Childhood)

Nationwide project lead by five partners along with Société Santé en français (SSF). In Ontario, the Réseau is the provincial lead. A Community Service Plan for Healthy Early Childhood was developed in collaboration with the Ontario Réseaux, Health Nexus, the Association francophone à l’éducation des services à l’enfance de l’Ontario (aféseo). The Réseau ensures implementation of the plan through promoters projects.

Continuous Improvement of Active Offer of French Language Health Services

Work with healthcare providers to develop and implement strategies that will improve their ability to provide an active offer of French language services.