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French Language Services Guidelines for Ontario Health Teams Applications

This document has been put together to assist health service providers across Northern Ontario who are working on an Ontario Health Team (OHT) submission. It outlines how to incorporate the Francophone lens throughout the application process and ensure Francophones have equitable opportunities for health care. As you work through the OHT submission process, please remember:

  • OHTs will be accountable for the implementation of FLHS within their geography;
  • OHTs will be responsible for providing health care services that meet the needs of their communities, including Francophones;
  • OHTs are expected to recognize the value of FLHS and its contribution to achieving a person-centred system of care for the Francophone portion of the population;
  • The integration of FLHS principles throughout all OHTs initiatives will help improve access to services in French across the province.

We hope you will find these documents useful in your efforts to become an Ontario Health Team. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in any way.

Sylvie Sylvestre
Planning and Community Engagement Officer
Cochrane Region
Fanny Roy
Planning and Community Engagement Officer
Nipissing / Temiskaming Region
Janik Guy
Planning and Community Engagement Officer
Algoma Region
Frédérique Dallaire-Blais
Planning and Community Engagement Officer
Sudbury / Manitoulin / Parry Sound Region
Chantal Chartrand
Planning and Community Engagement Officer
North West Region