Francophone Celebrations

Francophone Celebrations

Francophones celebrate many holidays related to Franco-Ontarian culture and the francophonie. Here is a description of these celebrations and some tools to help you prepare for them.

June 24 - St-Jean-Baptiste Day

Saint-Jean Baptiste day is a holiday celebrated by Franco-Canadians. In Quebec, it is celebrated as the national holiday however it is important not to confuse the two events. In Ontario, the Saint-Jean involves a weekend of shows and concerts by francophone artists and usually also includes the raising of the Franco-Ontarian flag. While offering culturally appropriate care, the Saint-Jean can be celebrated by serving traditional Franco-Canadian meals and by playing francophone music. The song “Notre place” by Paul Demers or “Mon beau drapeau” by Brian St-Pierre, can be played during the raising of the flag as a way to honour Franco-Ontarian culture. If a larger celebration is possible, local artists can be invited to perform for residents and staff.

September 25 - Franco-Ontarian Day

Franco-Ontarian Day goes back to the first raising of the Franco-Ontarian Flag in Sudbury on September 25th 1975. This day is usually celebrated by raising the Franco-Ontarian flag while playing the song “Mon beau drapeau” by Brian St-Pierre, followed by a walk around the neighbourhood or area with clackers and noise makers and shows by local artists. This day can also be celebrated with traditional meals and a night of music and dancing.

March 20 - International Francophonie Day

The International Francophonie Day is celebrated across the world. Although it is officially celebrated on March 20th, the entire month of March is considered Francophonie Month. Like other celebrations, concerts and music are common. Serving traditional francophone meals can also be a way to acknowledge the day.